A-Ha in Stadthalle

A-Ha liveOn April the 10th A-Ha will come to Stadthalle in Vienna to perform. This is the tour celebrating the new A-Ha album named Cast in Steel, but hopefully we will get to hear some of their old hits such as Take On Me and other hits as well.

If you want to be there in Stadthalle on April 10th as A-Ha comes to town, then you can buy tickets for this A-Ha concert from WorldTicketShop. If you have not yet listened to the newest A-Ha album Cast of Steel, then you will be happy to know that you can buy it online from Amazon.com. There you can decide whether you want to buy it as .mp3, on CD or as vinyl. One more thing you can buy on Amazon.com is the rights to watch The Living Daylights on DVD or maybe as an Instant Video. You can find it here. But, why should you watch that James Bond film from 1987 with Timothy Dalton playing the role as James Bond? There is an obvious reason, and that is the theme song for this film which was made by A-Ha. To watch the film as an Instant Video outside the US follow these instructions.

If you are eager to be there in Stadthalle in Vienna on April 10th to listen to the music and see the A-Ha musicians and singer Morten Harket live, go ahead and buy your tickets today. If you look for information about attractions and other activities in Vienna, just look around here in our Vienna Guide!