Peter Paul Rubens in the Museum of Fine Arts

Rubens exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts

Did you know that the Museum of Fine Arts (Kunsthistorisches museum) owns more than 40 works by Peter Paul Rubens and his workshop? From October 2017 you can see these and even more paintings on a special Rubens exhibition in the museum.

Peter Paul Rubens is without a doubt one of the greatest Flemish painters in history. If you come to the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna to discover the greatness of the painter you will not only see famous Rubens works, but you can also see how he developed and changed throughout his lifetime, and also influenced by others. To see how he was influenced you can also see minor works from Titian or Caravaggio at the exhibition.

Rubens exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts

The exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna will open at October 21st and stay available till January 21st. This means that Christmas market visitors coming to discover the beautiful Christmas markets of Vienna, also can enjoy some hours inside the museum to get warm and learn more about the amazing Rubens.

The museum is open from Tuesday till Sunday in this period of the year, with opening at 10.00 and open till 18.00. On Thursday evenings the museum has prolonged opening time and will remain open till 21.00.

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