Exhibition on celebration

Celebration in Vienna

The Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna is celebrating 125 years in 2016 and they are celebrating it with an exhibition portraying the history of celebration, or something like that!

Celebration in Vienna

On this special occasion they have borrowed some fantastic works of arts from for example Prado in Madrid and from Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In addition they have also gathered together their best pieces and used them all to create this fantastic exhibition giving us insight on the art of celebration and how it has evolved throughout history. You can read more about the entire exhibition on the official site for the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna.

The exhibition opened on March 8th in 2016 and will be available all the way until September 11th.

If the sun is shining while you are in Vienna do not forget to go for a stroll in one of the beautiful parks in the city, whereof the most beautiful might be the park area around Schonbrunn. And if you want to watch Euro 2016 while in Vienna then there will be plenty of bars and restaurants showing all the matches, you can probably also watch the games on the TV in your hotel room (read about the best hotels in Vienna here) as ORF will broadcast Euro 2016 in Austria or you can watch the matches online.

Have fun in Vienna and for more information on what’s going on in the city, about attractions and restaurants, read on here in our Vienna Guide!

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