Schönbrunn Christmas Market
Schönbrunn Christmas Market

Some people say that the Christmas Market at Schönbrunn is the best in Vienna. We do not agree totally, but that does not mean that we do not like this Christmas market. It is beautiful, in beautiful surroundings, and what we like about it is that there is more space to walk and to relax than at the market at Rathausplatz.

There are not to many “shops” at the Schönbrunn Christmas Market, but still enough to spend some hours here while drinking some hot wine and eating some hot food. There are different programs going on throughout the different days before Christmas, and the visitors can also enjoy a beautiful view of the Schönbrunn with the giant Christmas tree in the evenings!

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How to get there?
To get to the Christmas Market at Schönbrunn all you have to do is jump on the metro (U4) to Schönbrunn, and follow the crowd!

Schönbrunn Christmas Market pictures