Wotruba exhibition in Belvedere

One of the most significant sculpture of the XX. Century was Fritz Wotruba, who has his temporary exhibition from 12 December 2012 in the Belvedere in Vienna.

The father of the new Austrian architecture was greatly influenced by the teachings of the post-World War II architecture . One of the modern classical art you can see the lonely artist who relentlessly craving for the higher level. The resistance was represented by him against the whole world’s postwar reactionary conception of art.His main motive are the cube and its various forms.

The picturesque Belvedere Castle is a standard in Baroque architecture of the buildings, which showcases the bests of Austrian art from the Middle Ages to the present. Here you will find the former residence of Emperor Franz Joseph as well. Upper Belvedere with the most beautiful work of art will impress visitors to meet the acclaimed art lovers as well. The permanent exhibitions are the world’s largest Gustav Klimt collection attracts the most visitors. Lower Belvedere temporary exhibitions, in the Orangerie stunning architectural sight for visitors. The city of Vienna can be easily proud of this jewel of the city, which makes a high level of annual attendance of nearly one million implies.

If you like the show, you may want watch Vienna’s famous trinity church (Kirche Zur Heiligsten Dreifaltigkeit), which has also been built according to the plans Wotruba, sculptor, although the legend is unfortunately died before the completion of the building.