Vienna Comix

Are you a big fan of comic books and superheroes? Have you watched Sheldon Cooper and his friends in The Big Bang Theory go to Comic-Con in the United States, and you have always dreamed of attending a similar event in Europe? Vienna Comix is the event for you.

Vienna Comix is one of the biggest comic events in Europe. It is an annual event, normally arranged in April every year.

The venue for the event is METAStadt in Vienna. Maybe you want to check out this event while in Vienna, or maybe Vienna Comix will be your main motivation for visiting Vienna. No matter what, bring your Yoda, Batman, or maybe Spider-Man costume, and get ready for a fantastic event together with thousands of other comic fans.

Vienna Comix 2023

METAStadt Vienna
April 22, 2023 – April 23, 2023