Scooter concert in Vienna 2024

Are you a fan of the German band Scooter, formed in 1993? H.P. Baxxter, Rick J. Jordan, and Michael Simon are the members of the band and Mr. Baxxter is the singer whom some of us might remember singing Hyper Hyper during our childhood.

Are you ready to listen to Scooter as the band comes to Vienna? Imagine, in 2024 there will be two Scooter concerts in Vienna in the popular venue Stadthalle. But, what is interesting is that both concerts will be on the same day. As a result, you can come to Stadthalle to dance to Technomusic at noon on a Friday. In other words, you just grab a Big Mac in McDonald’s for lunch before you jump up and dump to the rhythms of Scooter. After the concert, you can relax before you get ready to keep the party going throughout the weekend. Another option is to skip the Scooter concert at noon and rather buy tickets for the evening concert which starts at 20.00.

If neither of those options are good, why not travel to Budapest on June 1 to be there at the outdoor Scooter concert in the Hungarian capital instead?

Scooter concerts in Vienna 2024

Date: April 12, 12:00 and 20:00
Location: Wiener Stadthalle

One of the most famous museums in Vienna. You can read more about the museums in Vienna here.

Where can I buy tickets for the Scooter concerts in Vienna?

Would you like to buy tickets for one or both of the Scooter concerts in Vienna? Are all the official tickets sold? You can buy tickets from others directly at the marketplace named Viagogo. There you can also buy tickets for the other Scooter concerts in 2024, including concerts in cities such as Zurich, Amsterdam, Budapest, Freiburg, Nürnberg, Hamburg, Bremen, München, and many others.

Are there any good hotels near Stadthalle?

Are you looking for a hotel close to the concert venue? Would you like to live in walking distance so that you will not be stuck in traffic or elsewhere, and thus coming late for the concert? Below you can see a map presenting hotels and apartments in Vienna close to Stadthalle.

If you want to find even more accommodation options, it is possible to zoom in and out to see even more options or fewer options.

What else should I do as I visit Vienna?

Would you like to experience even more as you travel to Vienna? You can read more about other programs and events in our Vienna calendar. But, even if nothing is happening, Vienna is a fantastic place with beautiful attractions, interesting museums, and fantastic restaurants all year round.