RUN 15 2024

When people hear about the Mariahilfer Strasse in Vienna, most think of shopping. But, if you come to Vienna for Run 15, you will associate the same street with running competitions and a lot of fun. There are running competitions for the entire family in this popular street during this annual running competition.

You can find the website of Run 15 at As you can see, there are competitions for kids, and then there are running competitions for adults. The shortest distance for the kids is 300 meters, while teenagers run 1000 meters, and the main race is 8000 meters. In other words, there are great competitions for everyone available who wants to participate in this race.

run 15 Vienna

Above you can see the route used during the race. It is 2000 meters, meaning that those running the 8km distance will do this distance four times.

Run 15 Vienna

Date: April 14, 2024
Location: Mariahilfer Strasse

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