KYGO concert in Vienna 2024

The famous Norwegian referred to as KYGO is on a world tour in 2024 and one of his stops will be in Stadthalle in Vienna. The fantastic concert venue that has hosted the Eurovision Song Contest and lots of other gigantic events will now be the place where you can experience KYGO live on stage in Austria.

Before KYGO comes to Vienna, he will perform in lots of cities all across Europe. He will do several concerts in Norway, before he travels to Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Hungary, before he travels to Austria, and then later to Italy, France, the Netherlands, and some more countries. Even though it would be awesome to see Selena Gomez on stage with him in Vienna, that isn’t very likely to happen, but there will for sure be lots of surprises and fantastic music and rhythms as KYGO walks onto the stage on November 23. Do not forget, most of the Christmas markets in Vienna have opened by then, so you can combine your trip to Vienna with fantastic music and Christmas shopping at some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in all of Europe.

KYGO concert in Vienna 2024

  • Location: Stadthalle
  • Date: November 23
  • Tickets: Viagogo (buy tickets for all the KYGO concerts in 2024 online)

It is easy to travel with public transportation to Stadthalle in Vienna, so there is no need to worry. There is a metro station with the same name, so just travel to this metro station and you will be in the concert venue within a few minutes.

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