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When on a trip to Vienna it is very useful to do some research before arrival. That is probably why you are visiting our Vienna Guide in the first place, to gather information, get ideas and find answers to questions you might have. Another way of preparing for the trip is with a book about Vienna in your favorite chair with a cup of tea. There you can read one of the many travel guides that deal with Vienna, or maybe you want to dig deep into the history of Vienna instead?

In this article which deals with books about Vienna we will recommend some different books that might be of interest to you, and which we believe can help you get much more out of your stay in Vienna. If you are not planing to visit Vienna at all these books are still good, as they will make you feel like in Vienna, even if you are only reading the different books in your hometown somewhere in the world.

Do not forget that ordering books is much cheaper than buying them last minute at the airport, and when ordering them earlier you also have more time to prepare. When you later see the special buildings, attractions and activities in Vienna you do not need to stop and ask someone on the street, but you can impress your travel companions with the information you have gathered (and remember) from the books you have read before your arrival to Vienna.

Good travel guides about Vienna

Top 10 Vienna
Top 10 ViennaIf you want to get information about the top 10 things to see in Vienna and lots of other top 10 Vienna lists, this is your book. It is not overloaded with information, but if you want to get the basics and a bit more, this is one of the very best books on the market. The size of the book is ideal and it is easy to put into your pocket (if you have a large pocket) or into your bag or whatever you wear.

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DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Vienna
Eyewitness ViennaIf you feel like the Top 10 Vienna only touches the surface, then this is the book for you who want a travel guide about Vienna with more information and more history included in the book. The book also includes a lot of maps, so this should be more than enough for anyone who come to Vienna as a curious tourist. It might even work out as a guided tour. One of the slogans of the ones creating the book is that these books can almost be read instead of visiting the city itself. Do not try that, but still… lots of information.

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Rick Steves’ Vienna, Salzburg and Tirol
Rick Steves ViennaIf you are a fan of travel books made my Rick Steves, then this is the travel book for you. This book does not only feature Vienna, but you will also find information about Salzburg and Tirol, which can be a great bonus if you plan on visiting these areas as well. As always the Rick Steves’ books include cool maps, lots of pictures, humour, restaurant information, attraction information, historical data and much, much more! One of our personal favorites!

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Introducing Austria: A Short History
Introducing AustriaIn this book Lonnie Johnson will introduce you to the Austrian history written on only 196 pages. As you understand that is not enough for a heavy and thorough study on the history, but if you want a quite detailed, but not at all to detailed introduction to the Austrian culture, literature, thought and of course important happenings in history, this book might be it. The first half of the book is about the time before 1918, and the rest deals with the years after 1918.

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A Nervous Splendor: Vienna 1888-1889 / Thunder At Twilight: Vienna 1913/1914
Frederic Morton is a writer born in 1924 with Jewish origin. He emigrated to USA in 1940 and first returned back to Austria again in 1951. Both books deal with interesting periods in the Austrian history. Most people accept it as history, while others are more hesitant at accepting everything described as pure history. Still good reading and will for sure give you the feeling of turning back time and getting to know Vienna as it once was!

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A Death in Vienna
In this book by the famous writer Daniel Silva you will get to know Gabriel Allon who has to go to Vienna to investigate something claimed to be a terror attack by an Islamist group, still many people consider it to be a part of anti-Semitism in Austria. This book contains lots of historical information, making it even more interesting as you follow Gabriel Allon traveling around to find out what is really going on. This book is not your source for Vienna information, but if you want to simply find a thriller with most of the story taking place in Vienna, then this book is great!

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