Art and Fashion Exhibition in Vienna

The exhibition takes place in Vienna, until the 23rd September. The topic and the goal is very modern and contemporary, let me say: artistic. Those who does not really like or understand art, or are beginners I would not recommend this event for them. Probably those who feel passionate love for fashion would appreciate and understand it more.

Few words about the principles: the subject of the exhibition is the notion of fashion as a fundamental aspect of art based on the works of Daniel Buren, Niki de St Phalle or Lawrence Weiner. Organizers were explained their view about art and it was the next phrase: “Fashion has shapes, forms which inspire the artist to work, draw, just to be creative. Also fashion takes back elements from the past. A piece of cloth or shoes can tell about the story of the old generations and culture.

According to Walter Benjamin, fashion has a revolutionary potential, but it even takes a certain degree of precedence. Art, on the other hand, incorporates fashion ’’at the most perfect’’ while prepare a complex character with paradoxes. It is also a form of expression, the expression of the body. Main artists and designers whose works can be found and seen there are: Sonia Delaunay, Alexandra Exter, Allen Jones, Marzena Nowak, Nadim Vardag, etc.

Even the whole sounds a bit strange, let me encourage you to go with the following thoughts: art is for you. It has a unique message for each of everyone. It is possible that your friend got something but you can, at the same time, see something complicated, something strange, something different that change your mind or principle forever. You can forget all the problems that you have during the day focusing only for the artist’s works.

Reflecting Fashion. Art and fashion since the Modern era
15 June – 23 September 2012
Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna

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