Christmas market in Vienna

Christmas markets

Vienna has several Christmas Markets and they are all known to be among the best in all of Europe. What is especially cool in Vienna is that every Christmas Market has its own cup which you can buy, and of course drink hot chocolate and glühwein from it. So, if you visit all the different markets, you can return home with 10 different cups if you would like to!

Christmas markets in Vienna

The most famous Christmas market in Vienna is probably the one at the Rathausplatz in front of the City Hall. This is very beautiful, especially in the evening as the house of the city council is illuminated. But, there are several other Christmas Markets to be visited in Vienna as well. The Schönbrunn Palace has a great Christmas Market, you can find another one in front of the Karlskirche, the untraditional, but the brilliant market at Spittelberg and several others.

If you would like some Christmas atmosphere, Vienna is one of the best cities to visit in Europe before Christmas time. Read more about some of the different markets further down, and check out the dates of the different Christmas markets in the list under this text.

Christmas Markets Vienna 2020

these dates are not official yet…

Schönbrunn Christmas Market
Schönbrunn Christmas Market

Rathausplatzour guess November 13th (or November 20th) – December 24th or 26th.

  • In 2018: November 16th – December 26th
  • In 2019: November 15th – December 24th

Schönbrunn: our guess November 17th (or November 24th) – December 26th

  • In 2018: November 18th – December 26th
  • In 2019: November 23rd – December 26th

Spittelberg: our guess November 15th – December 23rd

  • In 2018, November 18th – December 23rd
  • In 2019, November 14th – December 23rd

Read more about the different Christmas Markets:

– Christmas Market at Rathausplatz
– Christmas Market at Schönbrunn
– Christmas Market at Spittelberg
– Christmas Market at Maria Theresien Platz
– Christmas Market at Karlsplatz
– Christmas Market at Belvedere


Nov 13 2020 - Dec 26 2020


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