Christmas Market in Vienna 2015

The annual Christmas markets are soon back to Vienna this year again. From the end of November and the beginning of December the official Christmas period starts which means that the different part of the city turns into beautiful Christmas villages and fairs with the various Christmas lights and decorations. Like in every year this […]

Rathausplatz Christmas Market 2014

The annual Viennese Christmas Market will be in Vienna again in 2014. It is a really popular event before Christmas and thousands of people come every year to enjoy the atmosphere of the market and the Christmas feast. It is one of the largest tourist attractions and each year more than 3 million people come […]

Christmas Market at Spittelberg

I once read that if you are going to Vienna for Christmas, and you only have time for one Christmas market, then you better visit the Christmas Market at Spittelberg. I am not sure if I completely agree or not, but the market at Spittelberg is for sure located among the top 3 Christmas Markets […]

Schönbrunn Christmas Market

Some people say that the Christmas Market at Schönbrunn is the best in Vienna. We do not agree totally, but that does not mean that we do not like this Christmas market. It is beautiful, in beautiful surroundings, and what we like about it is that there is more space to walk and to relax […]

Christmas Market at Rathausplatz

The Christmas Market at Rathausplatz is probably the most famous, and the most popular market in Vienna. During evenings it is so packed, that you can hardly move because of the crowd. The lights are magnificent on the Rathaus, and they have very nice “Christmas Market cups.” You haven’t been to Vienna if you haven’t […]

Belvedere Christmas Market

You can read more about Belvedere at our Belvedere page, but you can only imagine what a Christmas market is like at such a beautiful place! The Christmas Market at Belvedere is located at the area behind the upper palace, and here you have a stage for daily performances, quite some shops, a small train […]

Christmas Market at Karlsplatz

The Christmas Market at Karlsplatz is a nice one, with great toilet facilities (quite seldom thing) and place where you can big crepes, gluhwein, clothes and other nice things. There is also an area for children to play on, and yet another Christmas Market with great atmosphere. The special thing is that in many other […]