Exhibition on celebration

The Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna is celebrating 125 years in 2016 and they are celebrating it with an exhibition portraying the history of celebration, or something like that! On this special occasion they have borrowed some fantastic works of arts from for example Prado in Madrid and from Victoria and Albert Museum in […]

The masterpieces of the Renaissance

The exhibition ‘Realms of Imagination: Albert Altdorfer and the Expressivity of Art around 1500’ will be shown at the Kunsthistorisches Museum from the middle of March to the middle of June in 2015. This major exhibition focuses on the most beautiful and striking paintings north of the Alps. The exhibition shows paintings from the 1500 […]

Sturtevant exhibition

For the very first time an exhibition on Sturtevant will be shown at the Albertina Museum. Sturtevant was an American painter who is best known for appropriation art. This will be the first major exhibition on the art works of Sturtevant at the Albertina Museum and in total 100 different drawings, prints, images and paintings […]

Emperor Charles V Captures Tunis

The exhibition ‘Emperor Charles V Captures Tunis’ is shown at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna until the end of September in 2015. At the exhibition visitors have the chance to recall a little piece of history through various paintings. The exhibition shows the documentary on the war to reconquer the Kingdom of Tunis from the […]

Comprehensive exhibition in Vienna 2015

The dream archive from the Musèe d’Orsay will visit the Albertina Museum for a few weeks and make it possible to the visitors to explore some of the most beautiful art works of the different artists and at the exhibition visitors will also have the chance to discover the most outstanding and most popular artists […]

Human footprint

There is an extremely unique exhibition about the Earth in the capital of Austria, in Vienna. The exhibition is already shown from this year November and it will be open until next year March. This exhibition shows a wide range of different satellite images of the Earth. The exhibition focuses on mostly the impacts on […]