Getting to the Familypark from Vienna

I have just read the following article about the Familypark in Vienna and would love to pay it a visit. How can I easily get to the Familypark from Vienna?

That is a brilliant question and a question that many people ask themselves. Luckily, it is quite easy to get to the Familypark from Vienna. In the article, the author decides to rent a car and travel to the Familypark on his own. That is for sure the easiest way to visit the park, and the ride should take between 60-75 minutes, depending on where you are staying in Vienna.

The exact address and coordinates of the park are:

Märchenparkweg 1
7062 St. Margarethen
GPS-Data: 47° 48′ 6.785” N ,16° 38′ 51.078” E

How to get to the Familypark from Vienna

How to get to the Familypark from Vienna – Source

How to get to the Familypark with public transportation?

But, most people reading this and asking the same question probably wants to get there without renting a car.

To get to the Familypark, get to Vienna Hauptbahnhof first (you can easily get there using the metro system in Vienna). There you will have to find bus 200 and travel to Eisenstadt/Domplatz. When you get there you have to change to bus 285 which will travel to the Familypark during the opening times of the park.  There is a dedicated bus stop outside the park.

The bus ride from Vienna to Eisenstadt normally takes around 1 hour an 20 min.

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Vienna Night Run 2018

Do you want to discover the beauties of Vienna while running? Join in on the Vienna Night Run as it is arranged on September 25th in 2018!

There are running competitions and marathons arranged in most big cities in Europe every year. But, if you don’t feel like running a marathon (as it is too long), or you would rather run when it is dark outside, then the Vienna Night Run might be exactly what you are dreaming about! It is arranged annually in Vienna, and it is one of the best running competitions there is.

Vienna Night RUn 2018

Join the Vienna Night Run on September 25th in 2018 – Source

Vienna Night Run is arranged by Erste Bank, and it will be arranged on September 25th in 2018. The first run will start at 19.50 (for those who can and will run 5km in less than 25 minutes). Those who believe they will run slower can join in on a later start time, and at 21.00 it is time for those who want to do the race in nordic-walking style to give it a try. Everyone needs to reach the finish line by 22.30, as that is when the streets will be used for normal traffic again.

Vienna Night Run will start from  Universitätsring/Ecke Grillparzerstraße. The route will be along the ring, and it will let you see some of the most beautiful areas of Vienna as you run.

The route of the Vienna Night Run

The full route is Universitätsring – Schottenring – Franz–Josefs-Kai – Stubenring – Parkring – Schubertring – Kärntner Ring – Opern Ring – Burgring – Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring.

Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic route for an evening run on September 25th? I feel tempted to join myself, but I cannot promise anything. If you sign up at the very moment, the price is approximately 30 Euro to take part. More information about the race (in German) and a sign-up site can be found here.

The winner in 2017 ran the 5km track on 15:39 minutes, giving him an average pace of 3:08/km. Can you beat that? Join in this year to find out!

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Christmas markets in Vienna in 2018

The fantastic Christmas markets will return to Vienna again in 2018. Here are the most important dates and some useful information.

A photo from the Christmas market in front of the City Hall in Vienna – Shutterstock / Burben

There are lots of beautiful cities worth visiting before Christmas, but we dare to say that Vienna is the most beautiful of them all before Christmas. The reason is simple, Vienna is a giant Christmas market in itself. There are some beautiful Christmas markets worth visiting, but as you walk around in the city, you will discover small and larger markets everywhere. You will find people drinking hot wine everywhere, and the city is simply stunning. If you haven’t been to Vienna before Christmas, 2018 is your year!

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Vienna Christmas market dates 2018

  • The biggest and most famous Christmas market in Vienna is the one in front of the City Hall (Rathaus). This will be open from November 17th till December 26th in 2018.
  • Another very nice Christmas market is the one by Belvedere. This will be open between November 23rd and December 26th in 2018.
  • There is an annual Christmas market at Maria-Theresien Platz (between the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Natural History). This will be open from November 21st till December 26th.
  • If you haven’t been to Schönbrunn yet, visit the castle between November 18th and December 26th to enjoy the Christmas markets there.
  • The most special Christmas market in Vienna is located in Spittelberg. Here you have several small streets with stands everywhere. So, it is not a giant market, but lots of small streets making the entire area into a Christmas market maze (almost). It is absolutely worth a visit. It will be open from November 16th till December 23rd.

These are the most important dates and Christmas markets in Vienna. Are you looking forward to these markets already? As you plan your trip, read through our list of recommendations for those coming to Vienna for the Christmas markets. These are useful pieces of advice that might give you a helping hand as you plan your trip.

Have you got any questions related to the Christmas markets in Vienna? Write a comment and we will do our best to help you out!

Claude Monet exhibition in Vienna

Claudio Monet lived between 1840 and 1926, and he is among the most famous painters ever. He is the greatest character within the impressionist movement, and from September 21st you can an exhibition in Albertina dedicated to him.

Beautiful Monet art in Albertina - Source:

Beautiful Monet art in Albertina – Source:

Vienna is a city for art lovers. Not only do they have the fantastic Museum of Fine Arts, but they also have the Albertina museum. The latter has some Monet works in their permanent exhibition as well, but for this temporary exhibition, they will bring in even more Monet works from other art galleries and collections worldwide.

The gardens of Giverny are famous among people who love art today, but they would never have been so if it wasn’t for Monet. But, how did Monet end up being the number one impressionist in the world? If you visit the Claudio Monet exhibition in Albertina you can see how he went from being a realist painter to become an impressionist. No longer did he only paint what he saw, but he also set a new trend in creating abstract art.

Want to visit the Monet exhibition in Vienna? It will be on display in Albertina from September 21st until January 6th in 2019.

You can read more about the exhibition in the official press release here. Want to know more about Vienna? Visit our Vienna Guide for more information, news, and beautiful pictures.

How and where to watch the FIFA World Cup in Vienna?

Would you like to watch the FIFA World Cup in Vienna? The city is a gorgeous city, but during the FIFA World Cup, you will want to see more than just Schönbrunn, Hofburg, and the Parlament while in town. You want to watch football. How and where can it be done?

How and where to watch the FIFA World Cup in Vienna

We have great news for you. It is very easy to watch the World Cup in football while in Vienna. The least social way to watch the event is by turning on the TV in your hotel room and watch the event on ORF, a free TV channel. You can also visit and watch the matches online there.

If you want to be more social and watch the matches together with others, then you can walk around and see the matches broadcast in about any pub around town. Lots of restaurants will also broadcast the event, and if you live in a hotel like the Marriott Hotel, you can find a sports-pub next to the entrance where you can watch all the matches and eat some great steaks while watching.

There will also be public screenings of the World Cup in Vienna. On such spots, you can watch the matches outdoor on giant screens.  Here are some of the places at which you can watch the World Cup outdoors in Vienna.

  • Strandbar Herrmann, Herrmannpark (Donaukanal-Urania), 1030 Wien
  • Summer Stage, Donaukanal, U4 Rossauer Lände, 1090 Wien
  • Badeschiff, Donaukanal (Schwedenplatz/Urania), 1010 Wien
  • Adria Wien, Donaukanal, Obere Donaustraße/Salztorbrücke, 1020 Wien

Sounds good, doesn’t it? If you want to watch the World Cup online in your own language (and not with German commentators), you can read more about how to watch the World Cup online in this article. At the site, you can also find a detailed schedule for the FIFA World Cup.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Vienna!

A stay at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna

Are you considering a stay at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna? Here are some stuff worth knowing before you make your booking!

Marriott Vienna

The Marriott Hotel in Vienna is located next to the Stadtpark, a beautiful area for a nice stroll and also an area with a nice playground area for kids. The most famous restaurant in Vienna might be “Steirereck im Stadtpark“, a two-starred Michelin restaurant. This is also located a few hundred meters from the Marriott Hotel entrance, making it very easy to visit the restaurant during your stay at Marriott.

So yes, Marriott is a five-star hotel in Vienna, but it is worth knowing that the standard is different from some of the other five star hotels. As you walk from Marriott towards the Opera-house you will pass by Grand Hotel Vienna and Hotel Imperial. You do not need to look hard to understand that those hotels are more elegant and luxurious than the Marriott hotel. So, if gold and glory are important to you, then the Marriott hotel might feel a bit old (on the outside).


But, the Marriott hotel gives you whatever a normal five-star hotel should. The staff is nice and polite, the rooms are spacious, and unfortunately, you will have to pay for the Wi-Fi (in most situations). This is worth knowing about, and if you ask in the reception, they might give you information on how to get free access to the Internet, but in general, this is a service you will have to pay around 13-14 Euro for (per day).

The breakfast in the Marriott hotel is delicious. The price is 35 Euro per day per person (if it isn’t included already in the price). Here you can sit in a nice environment and enjoy a glass of champagne while eating the omelet prepared for you by staff upon request from you. Yes, they are preparing it for you (in front of your eyes), and you even get to say what sort of ingredients you want to add to the omelet (mushrooms, bacon, onion, cheese, tomatoes, peppers etc.)

If you want to walk from the Marriott hotel to the Stephansdom, it can easily be done. You don’t need to walk more than 5-10 minutes, and you will find yourself in the Kärtner Strasse (one of the famous shopping streets in Vienna), and this leads you to the Stephansdom.

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Watch the Winter Olympics in Austria at ORF – also from abroad

orf winter olympicsThe Winter Olympics has started, and in Austria, ORF will broadcast the event. Are you an Austrian who want to stream the Winter Olympics on ORF outside Austria? Or are you a tourist in Austria who want to watch the Winter Olympics on a TV in your hotel room?

We have been waiting for the Winter Olympics for four long years, but finally the time is here. We are not that much of a Summer Olympics nation, but Austria is far better in winter sports. For that reason, we have been waiting for the Pyeongchang Olympics to start.

Now the Winter Games are here, and in Austria, the event is broadcasted by ORF. You can see a full list of Winter Olympics broadcasters and information on how to stream the Winter Olympics online in the linked article.

If you want to watch the Winter Olympics in your hotel room, just turn on your TV. ORF is the state channel in Austria, and you will for sure be able to watch the most interesting competitions on their TV channels. But, since there will be a lot of stuff happening during the Winter Olympics, you might not be able to watch exactly the competition you are interested in on the TV in your hotel room. You will need to go online!

Watch the Winter Games on ORF online

To watch the Winter Olympics on ORF, visit the ORF website. There you will see all the programs available on demand and live, and you simply select the content you are interested in. If you live outside Austria an Austrian IP address is required, and you can read more on how to get one at

We hope and cheer for lots of Austrian medals during the Winter Olympics. Even though you come from somewhere else in the world, please cheer for the Austrians as well, we sure need it!


Metallica concert in Vienna 2018

Metallica Vienna 2018The rock-band Metallica will spend the last day of March 2018 in the beautiful city of Vienna. They will perform in the Stadthalle and the concert will start at 19.30.

Metallica will tour larger parts of Europe in 2018, and the action starts on February 1st in Lisbon. That sounds like a logical place to start such a tour because the temperature is much nicer in Lisbon in February than in for example Vienna. But, about two months later the band will come to Vienna, and by then, spring has arrived, and hopefully, the sun will be shining. If it is raining outside, want matter, because on the inside of Stadthalle on March 31st it will be a fantastic atmosphere as Metallica climb the stage.

Metallica has been to Vienna several times, and they have thousands of fans in the nation. Now the band will return, and people have been very eager to grab hold of the best tickets. If you would like to be there at the Metallica concert in Vienna on March 31st in 2018, use the ticket link beneath for more information.

Metallica Vienna 2018

March 31st, 19.30

Tickets: Viagogo

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Once Metallica leave Vienna, they will head to Budapest. The city is only 2 1/2 hours away from Budapest, meaning it will be a nice trip. If you would like to listen to Metallica once again in Budapest, then why not do a day-trip to Budapest?